Crystal Maze

Puzzle 1993 Dos Dosbox Sherston Software Math or logic Game show

Unoriginal collection of puzzle games

The game is a simple and relatively good graphics driven puzzler, with different types of puzzles to choose from. You can have a go at wordplay puzzles, or logic puzzles, connect the dots kind of puzzles and much more. You can pick which puzzles you want to play and you can skip the ones you don't find interesting, but in order to advance you will need to tackle at least a few each particular stage. The mechanics are simple and the misse en scene is also interesting. You are part of a game show (the game was produced following the directions of an actual game show of the 90s). There is variety and the puzzles are not half bad. The best feature is the number of puzzles to choose from, since the variety will keep you playing, but make no mistake, the game doesn't offer any new ideas. Most of the puzzles are directly lifted from actual top down puzzles. Tile arranging, don't touch the spike puzzles, counting puzzles and so on. Thus, if you are familiar with such classic mechanics, you will soon get bored. The only more video game like puzzles are platformer inspired, but with very messed up mechanics. That means bad collision detection, platforms that must be jumped on dead spot on as well as exactly at the right time. Just too punishing for a puzzle collection really. I'd say skip this one unless you want to revisit it and know what to expect from back in the day. Fr new players it holds no revelation.

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