Math Rescue

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Cracking maths related fun

Another pretty decent entry into the genre of edutainment, Math Rescue is a simple but generally entertaining little game that is perfect for teaching the wee ones all about the fun that is mathematics. It's got all the bright, vibrant visuals and charming characters that such a game needs and delivers on the educational front, so if you're looking for something to teach the kids and give them a good time, then this is worth digging out. The game gets off to a good start, with a suitably dramatic storyline that is sure to have the kids quaking in their boots with fear: all the numbers in the world have disappeared. Of course, it's up to the player to recover these lost numerals and this requires them to travel through a series of variously themed levels, solving puzzles and avoiding nasties as they go. As a platformer, this is pretty simple stuff but well enough executed, with some inventive design work for the individual levels and the enemies themselves, with plenty of appropriately nasty creatures to avoid and sort out. The maths problems too are integrated well into the main gameplay and don't intrude on the fun but merely serve to enhance it, elevating the game from being a basic platformer to something a little more. A variety of skills are tested as the game progresses and thanks to the sheer fun factor on display here, it's likely the kids won't even notice they are learning as they play, so if you're in the market for a bit of maths-related gaming to keep the young ones entertained, this is more than worth a look and sits nicely alongside edutainment titles like Cross Country Canada and Carmen Sandiego.

Interesting math edutainment game

We've all been there when we were kids, trying to learn math: we were given de-contextualized problems to solve, or narratives that made no sense. Why would anyone eat 5 apples? Why would a kid care for the speed of a train? Well, Math Rescue tries to take this issue and solve it by dressing math problems in more palatable clothes. You get a child looking on screen companion which will be your guide to solving the math problems. Also, they seem to take into account the age of the target of the game, 7/8 to 12. Therefore, if you play this in a DOSBox emulator you should have no issues whatsoever making math more appealing to your preadolescent, unless of course, he or she is more inclined towards games that are more graphically enticing. Graphically, Math Rescue doesn't really look that great, it's your 8 bit era tile sets and sprites, but if your little ones hasn't had the time to develop a taste for full HD 32 bit color depth content, it might still work. So, without a question, a good, barebones math edutainment suite to prepare preadolescents for school

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