Thinkin' Things Collection 1

Puzzle 1993 Dos Edmark Corporation Brainteaser Reflex oriented Math or logic

Unassuming title for a decent minigame collection

It's easy to judge this as a half baked collection of computerized toys, but I guess we;ve all been here, trying to understand why some children's books or some of their games are so, well, dumb! But you've got to understand, a 2 year old is not a machine that has soaked information for a lifetime, nope, he or she (or them!) are learning, and first they've got to learn the basics. And this game does exactly that, allowing children to get acquainted with objects, colors, interactivity and these kind of simple but vital things. Of course, to the eyes of a 20 something or older it will look like a collection of non finished games, but, nope, this is what the game is supposed to be. Anyway, for stress relief I would think that some of the games here, which ask you to match patterns and colors and so on can be relaxing and mind numbing, to provoke a relaxation session, but, if you're really thinking of using this as a tool to teach kids the basic principles I talked above ,well, I don't know. I mean all these tablet based minigames that tackle the same kind of thing seem to be a bit more easy to get, (and most importantly, require less of your intervention!) but if you're ready to take one in the name of educating your children (while getting bored!) I think Thinkin' Things Collection 1 can get the job done. An alternative, for kids just as small could be the later entrants in the series or, say, the Microsoft Entertainment Pack: The Puzzle Collection, which lets go of the DOS era graphics and is more facile to get installed on Windows based computers.

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