Puzzle 1992 Dos Microsoft Math or logic

Trap the balls puzzler

I bet this game came about when a software engineer was fiddling with the physics and design of a bouncing object and, more or less wontedly managed to trap a ball somewhere somehow. He looked at the simulation environment and said to himself: hmm, I bet I can make a cool little game out of this! And so he did! This game tasks you with trapping a number of bouncing balls within the game area. The balls, much like some Brownian objects, bounce off the walls, of each other, and you can only trap them if you build a wall around them. Easier said than done, as you need to catch them in pockets you also have to create with the negative space you create. What it takes is a lot of patience, some good reflexes as well as an idea on the way these bouncy balls travel. Boredom will set in, in no more than 5 minutes, however, as the game doesn't have any other gimmicks to present you with. The idea basically doesn't get expanded, so the only type of puzzle that you have to figure out will already have been presented to you level one. But, maybe, if you want a mind numbingly simple game to take a quick break from time to time, this can sure do it.

Old memories

I purposely googled old computer games because I couldn't remember the name of this really old game. This site was the second one I went to and I found it! This was the most addicting game - I could play it for hours. The key was to isolate the balls into the smallest areas using the lines. My husband and I would compete for the highest scores and I can still remember his smug face when he beat my score...temporarily. I was given the game by my dentist on an old floppy probably 15 years ago. The disk is long gone and I've moved over to Macs. I'd love to get this game back! Not a lot of strategy just careful planning.

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