Cultures Anthology

Strategy 2005 Windows Kalypso Media Real time Isometric

Excellent God-sim package

This is a great value pack for strategy fans which features several games from the Cultures series and which will appeal highly to followers of The Settlers or even to the original God-sim, Populous. The anthology includes the first game in the series, as well its sequels, but the basic principle remains the same in all of them: control your tribe of Vikings as they explore the New World of America and help them to build up their civilisation through trade and craft. While the series shares many features with other similar games, what helps it stand out is the greater focus on narrative, with overall storylines featured in each episode. The sense of involvement with your subjects is also much higher, as you feel they are real characters, making the experience more satisfying on the whole. This is aided by the charming graphics which are packed with personality and detail and which do much to create a believable world that you really feel you are having an influence on. The series is particularly suited to newcomers to the genre, due to its accessible interface and its sense of fun, which is evident in both the visuals and the subject matter. It also provides a great deal of depth, making it equally enjoyable for old hands at this kind of game and overall, this is an excellent all round package that is to be recommended.

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