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Hard to be a God!

In the title I'm not referencing the Russian game of the same name, nope I was just making a remark as to the kind of game Populous is, a game that puts so much decisions in your hands that you're bound to be overexposed at times. In Populous, you will definitely never run out of things to do. You can build, model the ground, you can interact with the people, you can scare them into submissions or be a good leader, you can throw in the occasional hurricane or the occasional volcano, you know stuff that Gods love being involved with! But, as the things go, Populous was at the beginning, never really mastering the job of pacing. I don't know, maybe it's me, used to modern titles that sort of limit your exposure to but a few elements at a time and thus, make the game (even strategies) less strenuous on making a decision, but surely, at first you'll feel overwhelmed at the beginning. So take it slow, set some goals for yourself; don't try to do everything at the same time! You know, a bit here and a bit there, fiddle with the land manipulation tools then go for the disasters, hehe! That way you'll learn to love this very innovative game, and set yourself for the more advanced second title, which adds something to just about everything that this original invented.

Control the humankind

Playing as a God has been a thing which was never introduced before and that is why this gem is very distinct and interesting. It is basically a strategy and a micromanagement game where the manager will be the god who needs to manage people and empire. Being god, you will play as a deity who will be controlling the destiny of people through divine intervention, manipulation and through directing them for various purposes. The gameplay is as interesting as the theme because the executions of the moves or the strategies that you make in the game has been supported by a very good user interface which makes you understand all that is happening. You will make your own civilization and will shape the landscape and will also have to conquer the enemy forces which will be led by another deity in the game. What I loved in the game is that the decision making or the strategies are very competitive and you cannot get a grip on them instantly. Veteran gamers will love this one because of the element of toughness. The graphics are also very good with reference to the time factor and the music is also quite inviting. Populous 2 which is the sequel to this game gave even more exciting elements and diversity in terms of the gameplay.

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