Strategy 1996 Windows Dosbox Bitmap Brothers Organized forces Real time Isometric Action Sci fi

A seminal RTS defined by its simplicity

Some RTS games were known for their polish and crazy amount of fame (Broodwar!), others were known for their balanced gameplay (Command and Conquer) and others were known for managing to be fun while not packing crazy amounts of diversity. (Z!) But, also Z had a sense of humor, had varied missions in the single player and was easy to play in multiplayer. Also, it sported well trimmed graphics, evidently 2D, top down, and also, very well fitting for it. So, if you don't think of yourself as the best real time strategist out there, Z sure can offer you a ride that won't overburden you with too difficult a learning curve, but, at the same time it still doesn't feel like an empty experience, like you could just as well have done without it. And that is what makes it so special, that it was fun without being the world's most complicated game. Also, it's really very atmospheric, and the backstory is pretty cool as well. And, also, how many games with names consisting of a single letter do you know of?! Hehe!

RTS personality, that's for sure

What differentiates this game from all other Command and Conquer clone games is the sense of humor this game has. Not to be mistaken, this game is as violent and action pumped as most action strategy games, only with this game you have a sense of personality and uniqueness you don't get with most other games. Your soldiers are drunkards, and they don't give a damn about obedience and discipline. Good luck with that! You and your army have to go to five different planets and capture installations and armory of your enemies and dodge explosion, gunfire and a mass of murderous army to get there, over 20 levels. The game is just a blast. Extremely exciting and fun. The AI is decent, but has it little flaws that might be a slight bother to your gameplay, but only if you're a perfectionist. The game has a top down view, great animation and good textures, and the graphics are a slight bit outdated than the average game in 1996. If not for the gameplay and difficulty, you will probably love the game for its personality and pumping atmosphere. Have a great time!

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