Cultures 4: 8th Wonder of the World

Strategy 2004 Windows Kalypso Media Real time Isometric Medieval Building Role playing Real time strategy

Grow your tribe to world domination!

The entire Cultures series was inspired by looking at games such as the Total War series as well as games such as Pharaoh or Caesar while trying to create a unique, though highly playable and familiar type of game. This 4th title, in my opinion managed a really good job, taking its cues from the third in the series and adding just enough novelty to make it stand out on its own and make sense as a novel experience. So, Cultures 4: 8th Wonder of the World is a game that will task you with the destiny of humanity and which is hinged on the 8th wonder of the world, which is what motivates Bjarni, the hero of the game to keep fighting the good fight! At any rate, the gameplay is real time strategy like, with loads of other bits that allow this game to go past that initial classic type of formula. Therefore, with a bit of Heroes gameplay underneath the hood and with the already fun type of gameplay know to the series up to that point, Cultures 4: 8th Wonder of the World is a really pleasant, light, cartoony game, that is sure worth playing.

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