Curse of the Azure Bonds

RPG 1989 Dos Dosbox SSI Fantasy First person

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Pool of Radiance like, but less polished

Curse of the Azure Bonds should have exceeded Pool of Radiance in all respects, graphically, storytelling wise, in terms of quantity and polish and so on. But, unfortunately, it didn't. However, that doesn't mean that the game can't be enjoyed, especially for those that can really get behind an oldschool RPG. Nope, for these folk, the game can really be a great overall experience, a quality game that will definitely give everyone their money's worth. The battle bits are all in the style of advanced dungeons and dragons, and, therefore, those that are used to that kind of level progression will also love this game. Story wise, it's a fantasy in the lines of some other Golden Box titles following the events that happened after the destruction of the Pool of Radiance. The story though is not as enticing as it isn't told as beautifully, so, unfortunately, you're mostly left with the action, which while formulaic, never gets too crazy, never feels too eager to explore something new and more exciting. So, yeah, rather go for Pool of Radiance and if you feel like a sequel, Curse of the Azure Bonds will be the one, though expect a significant drop in quality.

The simple gameplay is very addictive

It is a great RPG game which has some very good elements which are normally loved by gamers all over. The plot in the game is based on a world away from realism and involves fiction in an interesting manner. It also involves a good amount of adventure as the characters wake up in an inn and found out that they were in a slumber and all that they had have been stolen from them. They will then set out on the adventure to solve the mystery and to get answers. In terms of the gameplay, the game works fine for me because it is very easy to interpret but still requires the gamer to be cautious about noting different elements which are mandatory to be successful. If you skip the little details, you won't be able to win the game because the defeat in it comes without a warning. The characters have their distinctive traits such as skills and the equipment that they use and you have to consider all these factors in this RPG adventure.

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