Death Knight of Krynn

RPG 1991 Dos Dosbox SSI Fantasy First person

A forgettable Forgotten Realms RPG

Built in the golden Box engine, this party based first person role playing game is all sorts of boring, forgettable and frustrating at times. Those that have played games build in the same engine know that there are some inherent limitations to the technology itself, but this hasn't stopped other games to be a little more polished and more interesting. Nope, Death Knight of Krynn is as stock as it gets, with a story that could doesn't leave the pattern for one bit and with a world consisting of the most repetitive and mundane dungeons you could ask for. Sorry, Death Knight of Krynn, you make too many of the mistakes that by the time you appeared, some others avoided making, and guess, what, in the same engine and with the same limitations you had. Storytelling in the Golden Box engine was definitely limited in the manner it could be expressed, but it is a big failure, undoubtedly to tell a Forgotten Realms story that is so basic and so lacking in emotion and zest. So, unless you've never played a GB RPG, this can be a good introduction to the genre, but it is by no means an interesting enough game to truly sink into.

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