Crystal of Arborea

RPG 1990 Dos Dosbox Silmarils Fantasy First person

From Ishar fame, Arborea arose!

Although this game came after the Ishar saga, in terms of content it is more of a prequel. That is why, Crystal of Arborea is a game that is both very classic in the way it develops and envelops you, a classic fantasy land RPG played with a relatively big party, and offering you the kind of epic journey that requires you to locate crystals and in the process, once again, save the world! It is a pretty hard game, combat wise, but it's worth it, given that you will get to experience a world that is well put together, pretty dynamic for its time, and a really big and diverse map. Yap, your main antagonist is Margoth, so, if you have a love for that Tolkienesque manner in which these games were produced, with those kinds of names and those kind of oldschool values, Crystal of Arborea will definitely deliver. Another alternative, except Ishar, would be Eye of the Beholder one of the best RPGs of the era and sharing a similar style to this one, which, in comparison is not half way bad, though not the most original either.

Well drawn DOS game

Crystal of Arborea was released in 1990, developed and published by Silmarils. It is a classic DOS game. From 1990's perspective this game was really an improvement. It is a good role playing game that has some good 2D graphics. The game has a good story line. It is based on the kingdom of Arborea. You have to fight against Mogroth who instilled chaos in the minds of the people of Arborea. Orcs and Black Elves are the followers of Mogroth. You have to play as Jarel who is the prince. You have to destroy Mogroth and for this you will have six allies. This game was the primary step of modern day real time strategy game. So the game is really entertaining. There are also some more characters in this game. You will like this game, especially kids will like it. One of the drawbacks of this game was the graphics. But for a 1990's game it is alright I guess. If you have played Ishar 1 and 2 then you will like this game. Overall it's a 3 out of 5 rating game. For classic game lovers this is a very good game.

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