Secret of the Silverblades

RPG 1990 Dos Dosbox SSI Fantasy First person

A true pioneer of RPG games

Secrets of silver blade is among those RPG games which have made a huge impact to this genre and are known as the pioneers to make this category famous. The game is the third edition in the saga of pool of radiance and unfolds even deeper mystery into the Dragonspine Mountains. Your mission with this game is to disable a vicious group of spell casters who are working hard to revive a deep mystical magic and the evil lord named as Dreadlord. So the game plot is a magical battle that you will conduct against Dreadlord and his group Blackcircle. The game has been a great successor to the old version and has added many new characters and material which has expanded the spectrum and the variety of the game play. The graphics of this game are truly inspiring for RPG's lovers and the controls haven been synced with swiftness. The game has great music and the exciting elements of fantasy. It truly brings out the fun side of RPG games and is worth playing. Its renowned predecessor Pool of Radiance is also a wonderful game which is still played by RPG lovers.

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