Champion of Krynn

RPG 1990 Dos Dosbox SSI Fantasy First person

Solid fantasy role playing

In Champion of Krynn you and your companions are summoned to take on the evil race of Draconians, whom, after they were believed to have been gone, have resurfaced again, and seem to poised on taking on the North Eastern town of Ansalon. But you and your reputable party will not accept that, and, in classic Golden Box style, will go on a journey to take them out. It's a first person game, Champion of Krynn, and a traditional, mostly dungeon crawler based adventure. The races that are included in the game are the classic fantasy ones: you have the elves, and the half elves, the dwarves and the humans. Your goal, in terms of party management is to create a balanced offensive and defensive party; thus, make sure you have a good archer, a mage and a DPS and tank. The party based fighting system is in real time, and quite action oriented, but still governed by the advanced Dungeons and Dragons rule set. A good, similar role playing game is also Eye of the Beholder 3 which, additionally, has a much more detailed story than CofK.

Odl school RPG

The goal in this game is to form a party and to defeat the main antagonist Myrtani who is plotting evil against all of the world. The game is true to its D&D roots, with clerics chosing their own diety and a restriction of magic that is confrontational with the characters alignment in an isometric view to the scenery. The game has poor 16 color graphics but even with this, the visuals are good to look at. There is no soundtrack or music in the game, only blips and other similar sounds when characters interact with things in the game. Nevertheless, this game is an interesting and adventurous rpg game that adventure and fantasy lovers should not miss out, if they don't mind such a simple and oldfashion manifestation of this kind of game.

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