Cyber Chess

Strategy 1993 Dos SoftDisk Publishing Board games

Chess adorned with nice graphics; cyberpunk-ish...

Cyber Chess is not a very original blend of chess; pretty much it just took the ruled of regular chess and slapped a graphics theme that is not very well realized, that would suggest a cyber punk themed conflict, but is rather realized in a way that will mostly remind you of a jungle, and not even that is too clear. Basically, the idea is that of Battle Chess, however, instead of being as clear cut as in that version, is a bit less clear what this game is all about, thematically. At least there are different difficulty levels, so you can play at the level you feel most comfortable with, and the AI, while not remarkable can play a good hand of chess, without any issues and without any particularities of style of play. At any rate, Cyber Chess does a good job for what it wants to be, and, for a budget title it probably was a much better chess game than it should have. Nonetheless, if you haven't already played Battle Chess, rather download that one, and download this one just in case you get bored with that one. Else, Cyber Chess is not going to offer you anything too remarkable, though, as I said, it's playable and fun enough.

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