Laser Chess

Strategy 1992 Dos David Kujawski Board games

A spin on the classic game of chess

Everyone knows how the classic chess game works: each player takes turn to move a piece and the ultimate goal is to mate the adversary's king, a feat that will take lots of practice and thinking in advance. It's definitely an intricate game as is, but David Kujawski was not satisfied; he wanted more, he wanted to spike the game up and bring it something different. So, while the normal rules of chess are still there, each team has a laser that they can manipulate. The laser can bounce off the chess pieces, and, depending on the nature of the piece it hits it will deflect, hit, pass through. The added gameplay mechanic is that you will have to pay attention to your pieces' movements so as to not allow the laser to pin down some of your pieces. It's in a way like a classic game of chess only you're playing under the threat of an atomic bomb! (Talk about comparisons!) Anyway, while the addition is simple and straightforward it modifies the core gameplay substantial, so if you like chess but want some added complexity, give this game a try. It sure spikes the game in an interesting way!

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