Chess Partner

Strategy 1983 Dos Board games

CGA graphics and a chess engine that is a great opponent!

Chess Partner is a playable, well executed chess sim, whose main thing is that it combines the tutorial phase with the playing phase. If you want, the game will offer you a whole bunch of assists, and so, as you play, you get to improve your game considerably, thus getting better all the time. A great thing about Chess Partner is that it also offers you 10 difficulty levels, and thus, you can really get to a level where you choose to play with a really well-balanced opponent, Most games from this period (1983) didn't even have color graphics, and so the EGA, black, lite blue and magenta table with white text info on a black background. So, overall, Chess Partner is a great game, well produced, surely without many of the modern additions of such games, but it is playable. If you don't particularly you want modern levels of playability and additional elements, that don't necessarily impact the game (chess puzzles, re-enactment of famous games, etc.) then it is definitely a great choice; else, download this Chessmaster modern title!

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