Cyber Empires

Strategy 1992 Dos Dosbox Silicon Knights Empire management Space combat

Strategy game with a good mix

The game has another name in Europe where it is called as Steel Empire however it's a great sci-fi and strategy game which has given this genre a lot of boost. The game is an excellent and exciting fusion of some furious tactical battles and some hi-fi strategic planning which turns out to be quite enjoyable. A twist has been added here to the typical conquer the earth gameplay style by avoiding the micromanagement which is seen with many other games in this genre. It is rather focused towards fun and enjoyable ship to ship battles. The gameplay is quite fast and the user interface has been incredibly designed for utmost clarity and ease. From a gamer's point of view, the playability in this game is really fascinating and makes it a worthy option by all means. The action in this game is more than what you normally get with strategy games which focuses more on strategy making rather than the action side. So a fast paced action coupled with strategy is a rare combination which this game gives you. It very much similar to LucasArts Star Wars: Rebellion where you have both action and strategy.

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