Battle Chess

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Chess with beautiful chess pieces and boards!

Battle Chess is a regular chess game; the rules are not changed, however, what has gotten a new lease of life, is the way that the boards and the chess pieces used in-game. This is a beautiful chess game, with lots of cool chess sets. As the name suggests, some of the themes revolve around war, with looks that will remind you of a recreated mid century clash. In terms of quality of the chess engine, I'd argue that Battle Chess offers ver good Ai. You can, of course, select to play at your own level of comfort, as there are easy to very hard settings to choose from. Now, while in terms of quality of the graphics we've established that the game rides high, the same, thankfully, can be said of the controls, which are easy and very clear. You can play the game easily and without issues. Great game, similar to Battle Chess 4000, its future brother. So, without a doubt, download them both they are both great representatives of a lesser known kind of parlor game, which used to be very well known and highly playable, in the tops in the 80s and 90s.

Kill that pawn!

Battle Chess takes a normal chess game (such as Chessmaster 3K) and takes it to the next level. You'll see knights clashing swords, other pieces literally fighting each other, all in high quality animation. That's what Battle Chess is all about! In this great game, you don't have to use your imagination to feel like you're in a battlefield - it's all happening in front of eyes. The result of this is fantastic gameplay filled with action and intensity - you'd never believe such words can be used to describe a simple chess game. The various animations that pop up will in turn make you want to play the game as many times as you can to see all the variations - there are literally hundreds of them. The graphics are astounding for a 1991 game - the pieces are wonderfully textured and move with ease that can only be seen in much newer games. Are you ready for a true battle of wits and patience? If you decide to get this game, you are guaranteed that you'll never think about chess the way you did so far. Have fun!

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