RPG 1989 Dos Dosbox Scott Miller Strategic scope Action based

Rescue survivors of a meteor shower; lots of action

Meteors is a pretty meaty action game in space; there is this accident, in a stranded space ship that was caught in a meteor shower, and you have to intervene and find the survivors and rescue them. But, of course, the mission is much harder than just infiltration and taking the individuals out of there It takes very fine maneuvers to avoid hitting the meteors that are scattered in space, and you have to act fast and with precision. Once a meteor comes from one part of the screen to the bottom (the game plays in one screen installments) it resurfaces at the top portion of the screen again. It's, if you will, like Asteroids however, you have the rescuing to do as well. And, the Asteroids remix is even noticeable in the way your ship controls, and the way you target the asteroids, by aligning the nose of your ship with the direction of the meteors. It's a DOS game, of the early days, graphically, EGA styled, thus; but not bad, not bad at all, since the simple graphics look alright, and kind of make sense given the game's build. So, overall if you want arcade like action, Meteors will definitely deliver, and is a pretty sturdy game, that won't crash or that will control sloppily. I do recommend it.

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