Battle Isle Data Disk 1

Strategy 1992 Dos Blue Byte Turn based Top down Science Fiction

Decent add-on pack

The Battle Isle series of turn-based strategy games are a generally well regarded set of titles with a number of entries that are well worth checking out. The combination of decently thought out science fiction setting, varied missions and units all combine to make a satisfyingly tactical experience that fans of X-Com should enjoy. This Data Disk is an expansion pack for the first game in the series and if you are keen on extending your play time with that one, this should also be high on your list of extras to investigate. The main game itself hasn't changed at all from the base game, with the goal remaining that of engaging in a series of tactical, turn-based combat missions, utilizing a variety of units to achieve domination over your opponent. The interface is all exactly the same, as are the graphics and sound so if you are a veteran, you will pick this up immediately. What is offered is a fairly extensive lineup of new maps, with 24 for battles against the computer, 8 two-player maps as well as two new landscape types, ice and desert, which add in a few new strategical challenges. The new maps are well designed and make for an entertaining addition and on the whole this is decent stuff. Any problems that exist are really the fault of the original title, with enemy AI that is overly blunt and lacking in tactical subtlety, making this more an exercise in endurance than armchair generalship at times but this is a minor fault and this makes for a pretty solid addition to an already good game

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