Skunny - In the Wild West

Action 1993 Dos Dosbox Copysoft Myth and legend Platformer

Another great adventure, with the DOS squirrel speedy mascot!

In Skunny - In the Wild West, Skunny, the fast paced, smart and cute squirrel is set free in the wild, wild, west! Yep, a lot of cowboys in there, a lot of collectibles and a lot of dust! But Skunny has never been one to say no to a challenge, ever since she was created by Copysoft and released in the wild in Back to the Forest. Nope, she will do all that she can, and what she can do (sic!) is jump, fire, jump higher and fire! A lot of diversity, relatively, and a bit of a departure from the blockier bits of the past games, this adventure is also more well produced in terms of overall level design. But, quality comes at the cost of quality, as this one is also one of the shorter games in the series. But, jumping about collecting superhealth nuts is as fun as it has always been and ultimately, if you are persistent, you will be one step close to your final goal! Play it if you love Sonic (like games) and if you want something of that kind but with a different feel and theme. Not that Skunny - In the Wild West won't deliver, it does.

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