Action 1993 Dos Loriciels Myth and legend Platformer

What would happen if Jill (of the Jungle!) was alien abducted

In Entity you play as a (relatively) scantily clad Jill of the Jungle like lady. However, instead on being set in a jungle, this game takes you on an alien planet, which, while at times pretty similar to a prehistoric Earth, is nevertheless host to some alien like creatures and all. Not that the above mentioned Jill didn't go about spelunking about through areas that looked anything but earthen, but in this game the alien abduction is presented as backstory, so yeah, here you go. Although. Like I said, some of the areas look a bit too earth like still, so, well, don't expect something very alieny! Other than that this is a relatively alright sidescroller platformer/brawler/shooter with just the right amount of variety. Graphics wise, well, it's like a 16 bit version of Jill, not too polished, but alright. There are a few issues, mostly that have to do with the weird mapping of some of the most used controls and the lack of features (come on, game, let me shoot vertically, for Jill's sake!). But, yeah, if you loved Xargon or Jill, this one will likely be to your liking as well.

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