Das Stundenglas

Adventure 1990 Dos Weltenschmiede Science Fiction Graphical IF

Magnetic Scrolls styled, German only text adventure

This game sets you in an imaginary, futuristic 2012! Impressive how people in the 90s thought we would be so far done and over as a civilization towards the first decade of the 2000s! Anyway, this is a dystopia, with the civilization having collapsed and now small groups of people roaming about trying to make a living. The game is delivered in heavy text based chunks, while static pictures are offered to you so as to allow for easier understanding of where you are and what surrounds you. So, if you like the ideas that games in the Magnetic Scrolls offered, you are now going to have some of that very same thing, and have a great Sci Fi adventure. At any rate, it's a well written game, definitely only for German speakers, otherwise you're not going to be able to play it. From the same company, the later release Die kathedrale will improve upon the graphical novel concept, so, if you already played any of their games and liked their style, Das Stundenglas will feel like an important stepping stone in their games catalogue. So, if you have a solid (or at least intermediate) grasp of German, give this game a try, it's a mature adventure with a great postapocalyptic story worth experiencing.

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