Adventure 1987 Dos Dosbox Arcadia Systems Science Fiction Graphical IF Mystery

Be a security agent, adventure

Set in a futuristic Orwellian city, this game puts you in the shoes of a security agent, one that is pretty dedicated to his job at first. However, circumstances conspire so that your mind will change as to the authority of the system, in a pretty cool, well told story. But that is not the main portion of the game. No, the meat of the game is in the ten crimes that will be presented to you and that you have to solve. All of these will be solved via very similar methods of investigation. They present you with puzzles, some that ask you to piece together evidence, find pieces of décor scattered around, others are based on interrogation and so on. It's all delivered in that specific forensic and detective kind of adventure array of puzzles, that you have already met in Sherlock Holmes games but here, they are presented to account for the futuristic world and so on. Of course, you will control the game via a laborious parser. However, this is the great catch, you can use more natural phrases, with more than just verb and nouns, as the game is a bit more advanced in this respect. Still, you'll probably want to keep phrases short just in case, so as to avoid spelling mistakes!

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