Altered Destiny

Adventure 1990 Dos Dosbox Accolade Science Fiction Humorous Graphical IF

Don t get sucked into your TV!

Here's how this adventure (with text based inputs) starts: You were enjoying your past time, quietly sitting in front of your TV when, suddenly, the screen pulls you in. Heck, you're in TV land, and, you have to make it out of there. But how? Well, it's going to take you a bit of puzzle solving, of plain adventure games shenanigans and all that jazz. The trouble is that the parser is a bit stiff and also, that you don't really have a very clear set of hints as to what you need to be doing. Instead, you're just, mostly wondering about, hoping that maybe you'll stumble onto something. Yep, the text based input, on a graphical in nature adventure feels like a downgrade. It's as if something keeps you from just clicking on something for a more immediate hint. So, yeah, all things considered, Altered Destiny is a pretty hard to stomach game, it is a bit too frustrating even if the premise is interesting. Also, the puzzles are too hard, and, on top of that you've got the parser interaction bits, which just make it even more frustrating a game to deal with. That is why this is such a difficult game to recommend. Instead, I'd say, see a similar era adventure, Twilight Zone, wacky storywise but a bit more palatable interactions wise.

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