Deer Hunter 2003

Sport 2002 Windows Infogrames Hunting Shooter

Open up with both barrels!

Here comes another rival to Cabelas' Big Game Hunter series, but even in comparison with that pretty ropy set of games, this one looks decidedly dull and lacking in features. There's just not enough in the way of options, variety or depth to keep anyone but the most easy going of armchair hunting fans satisfied, so unless you consider yourself such a person, just walk on by. As you might expect from the title, this is a game about one thing: killing digital deer. Like other similar games, you're given a set of gear and weapons, and simply charged with going out into the wild, and stalking your prey before letting rip with your chosen gun and bagging yourself a beauty. There are a few RPG-style elements on offer here, as each time you successfully complete a hunt, your abilities will level up a little bit, giving you the edge in subsequent hunts. You also get to customize your gun somewhat, improving its abilities or appearance, while if you're that interested and able to do so technically, you can even play over a network with your chums so you can go hunting together. Really, no one but the most diehard of hunting fans is going to find any interest in this game whatsoever, and even then, this is far from the cream of the crop. At least in other games, like Big Game Hunter 2, you have a variety of animals to stalk and kill, but here, you're stuck with deer and they get pretty boring after a while. There's just no real variety to the gameplay either, so it won't be long until you realize just hoe thin and uninteresting this is.

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