Trophy Hunter 2003

Sport 2002 Windows Infogrames Shooter

The best in hunting simulators that 2003 had in store!

Trophy Hunter is a long lived series worth exploring back and forth, the older titles and the newer ones as well. This is so because while the game per se wasn't the most diverse or the most tightly focused, it was nevertheless fun, without sending tons of animals to you to slaughter, without keeping you on the dry for long stretches. Also it didn't feel like it counted or produced its prey at intervals that were somehow chronographically designed, it had a sort of randomness that also kept count of the location, of the probability that animals would be there, and many other elements that were not exposed out front. So, in that regard Trophy Hunter 2003 is the kind of game that made the hunt fun in a very hunt sport/game like fashion. Yes, it did offer you a few weapons, but it wasn't really about that. You could play the game with one weapon only and wouldn't feel as if you were missing out. That is why the series lived and continues to thrive and along with the Deer Hunter series is one of my favorites for virtual hunting. They really figured a nice, playable and yet simulation based hunting recipe that just works. Plus, Trophy Hunter 2003 has ahead of its time graphics, especially for a hunting game that was never really about the latest graphical improvement. Definitely give it a go.

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