Defcon 5

Simulation 1987 Dos Cosmi Corporation Politics Futuristic

War has never been so dull

The idea of a game set around the legendary state of Defcon 5 sounds like it could be a great one, full of thrilling tension and intense action. Unfortunately, the makers of this little game rather messed things up and created something which is almost entirely lacking in anything of interest. The player takes on the role of a Department of Defense operative who is in charge of using the Ballistic Missile Defense System to protect the United States from attack. This is made up of ground and space-based missiles and which must be used to destroy or otherwise deal with incoming missiles sent by the enemy. Sounds exciting in a Missile Command kind of way? Sadly not. Basically, the gameplay consists of the player entering text commands or coordinates in order to use the weapons network. You also have access to a surveillance system to keep track of incoming missiles but this isn't entirely reliable thanks to its orbiting habits and susceptibility to visual interference. There are several distinct elements to the game, from establishing links to your satellites, to tracking missiles and dealing with enemy space mines. Unfortunately, none of them are exactly exciting or stimulating stuff. The game is decent enough in visual terms, with an appropriately serious look to convey the subject matter, but the gameplay just never gets out of first gear. Instead of being tense and exciting, it is merely tedious and dull and feels very much like a missed opportunity. This is a shame, as there is the basis for a good game here, it's just let down by the execution.

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