President Election

Simulation 1988 Dos SSI Politics

Politics simulation, a bit too dry unfortunately

I love the Democracy titles, and, though I'd argue they're not about you being president, (though your ability to stay in the game and continue to change things up is based on how the people react to your laws and options of governing, as a president that can or cannot be reelected) but more about the shaping of a legislative background, well, President Election is definitely about the game of promises, of televised appearances, of upstaging your competition and as such, of being elected or not. However, my problem with the game is that it is a very dry, mathematical construct, a very unattractive game from this point of view. As such, you should always consider it in terms of its manner of minimizing, abstracting the activities that it allows, though in truth you are more or less working in and around a numerical, mathematical game, rather than actually being able to get down and personal with it. But strategy gamers and those that love numbers and sliders games will probably find it very satisfying, or at least palatable enough to consider. Give it a try or, alternatively, for a more hands down experience, see Shadow President, a game that is a strategy in disguise, though an original experience nonetheless.

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