Yes Prime Minister

Simulation 1987 Dos Dosbox Oxford Digital Enterprises Politics

Politics as a survival game show!

Super interesting idea, but, of course, given the age of the game and the most probably infinitesimal budget of this game, really not that well implemented. So, what this is, in the way it is built is a series of adventure styled pieces of interactive fiction with additional graphics to aid immersion. You are playing the role of a prime minister for one week, and see if you can survive the constant pressures and the constant scrutiny. The beauty of the game is based in its random events; something may happen internally and you have to take attitude, you have to take a direct position into it all. The game, like the older Floor 13 is based on true political ideas, but this one also has a funny side, a tongue in cheek, if you want, a Cheshire cat kind of grin going for itself. Get used though, with highly minimalist graphics, a quite lacking presentation. Not that it is severely under budgeted, but the art direction is also pretty scarce, which kind of shadow the beauty of the ideas it presents you with. Still, I recommend it for the blend of politics within a limited timeframe idea.

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