Fort Apache

Strategy 1991 Dos Dosbox Impressions Games Historical Organized forces

The US versus the Taco bandits during the Gold Rush

The game, set in the 1880s, is a miniature wargame, styled for simplicity and ease of control. You control compact arrangements of soldiers, similar to Charge of the Light Brigade and your involvement mainly revolves around making sure that your contingents are arranged properly for when the US troops and the enemy gold robbers or apaches come into action. As you'd expect, the AI doesn't get to do more than you, and you could say that the PC doesn't really try that hard either. Well, in a way this is true to the history of the time period, as these gold bandits weren't really very well organized or very good tacticians, preferring to rely on ambush than on any other kind of strategy. Give or take, the game has enough attack formations to choose from, and also, the top down, very simple, very business oriented graphics make a good combination for this game. Yes, it might leave you to feel a bit cheated, but then again, this is what it proposed form the beginning. A simple, almost arcade strategy game, with little elements to fiddle about, that allows you to concentrate on the placement tactics. Within that, it does as good a job as any other game.

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