P.T.O. - Pacific Theater of Operations

Strategy 1990 Sega Koei Historical Organized forces Naval

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Strategic war action with many detailed scenarios

The game is a military war simulation where you have the option to play as either the Allies or Japan. The game also gives you the option of controlling both the sides. There is a lot of things that you need in this classic and diverse war strategy game. Building and managing units, developing warships and fleets, command and control and economic decision making are only a few things that you will be doing here. The diversity of the strategic decisions that you need to take makes this game very interesting and full of fun. All the diverse mission and battles in the game have been very well designed and incorporated with many distinct details. You can either play individual battle scenarios or can go for the vast campaign mode which covers lot of battles. Some of the scenarios and the battles are purely based on historical events and this adds great educational value to the game. A level editor to build your own battle scenarios would have been great but still the diversity of options and variety of missions makes it quite thorough. The graphics are also good to support the gameplay and the interface is top notch. I have recently been suggested to play Cohort which is considered quite brilliant in this genre.

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