Dragoon: the Battles of Frederick the Great

Strategy 1998 Windows Battlefront.com Historical Organized forces

Frederick the Great campaigns wargame

This tabletop recreation puts you at the helm of a very specific niche of battles; you will take the role of Frederick the Great, and get involved in the battles that he was a part of and in charge of. This means that the game will entice history buffs, with a love for this historic character. However, the game is sufficiently polished and diverse in its set of missions to feel appropriate for general lovers of wargaming/strategy. This is so because the game was released in a period which was quite ripe for quality graphics, especially for tabletop games, and you will not feel stifled graphically at no point in the journey. Therefore in comes as no surprise that you are going have a great time, hovering over the detailed maps, moving your units or managing the economical and political portion of the game. Sure enough, you only get so much diversity in this realm, as the game is more focused on exploring realistically implemented, ample tactical movements, and concerted efforts with a host of types of units. So overall, a polished, obsessive war game focused on Frederick the Great, worth a try for advanced wargamers and history buffs.

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