Rorke's Drift

Strategy 1990 Dos Plato Historical Organized forces

Poor war game

Sometimes we face poor games, Rorke's Drift may be one. This game is a historical strategy which has nothing in terms of the gameplay features and the variety in the gameplay. The plot in the game is that you will play the Anglu-Zulu wars where you will control your units against the enemies and take part in tactical warfare. The developers have failed miserably in various aspects of the game and the first of such aspects is the poor gaming engine which does not support the gameplay whatsoever. Tactical war games always need a brilliant A1 to actually make the gameplay interesting and competitive and this game has been poor in this regard. The strategy making is something which is being used here as a filler and there are no evident impacts of how you deal with things in the war scenarios in the game. Moving further, the user interface has also been quite disappointing because they developers have not devised it in line with the options in the gameplay. The boring and not effective A1 is the most evident lag in the game but the graphics has also not been praiseworthy. Overall it is a total waist and there are far better game to play like Cohort.

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