Deluxe Ski Jump 2.0

Sport 2001 Windows Dosbox Mediamond Winter sports

Really well produced 2D ski jumping sim/arcade

Deluxe Ski Jump 2.0 is not a looker, but, boy, does it play well! So, what this game is, is an arcade take on ski long jumping. This makes it a very particular, very compelling game, especially if you like games where the idea is simple, but refining it and coming to master it takes lots of time. So, as with the real life sport, you downslope for a while, gaining momentum and speed. When the ramp is over, you are in the air and have to stand in mid air for as long as possible. The idea is to soar through the air as good as possible, to position your jumper so as to maximize air drag along his body. This can be tricky because it requires tapping the buttons exactly at the right moment. So, it's a question of paying attention to the cues the game offers while also being split second precise and very decisive. Also, there are the moment when you decide to land as well as the moment where you lift off the ramp, which can be exploited for extra centimeters. And, also, you have to make sure that your landing is done well, else you lose the round. So, minigame like, absolutely great physics, great, snappy controls and a very engaging game. If, however, you wish for a more diverse bundle, download Winter Games, an alright collection of winter sports!

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