Winter Games

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Chilling games, in a frozen state

Winter Games is a spin off from Summer Games. Which brings Winter Games with chilling events to Olympics. Here you can compete with others in various amount of events. You have the option of these events: Hot Dog, Biathlon, Speed Skating, Figure Skating, Ski Jump, Free Skating, and Bobsled. In Hot Dog, you control an athlete speeding down a slope while airborne press left or right to make the athlete spin and land in a standing position to achieve a score. You'll next compete in an Biathlon, your goal here is to again wiggle the Joystick or press left and right to accelerate your athlete. You'll hit different descents, which you got to speed down or up depending on the direction, you'll have to press down or left right for these sections, and lastly you'll get target practise in this section you must open the bolt by moving the Joystick down and reloading by moving the Joystick up and Space or trigger to fire when the time is right, this section will require lots of practise as the cross hair jumps rather quickly over the small target. Next few events are different types of skating, with similar controls excluding "Figure skating". In speed skating your racing against a computer controlled rival as you race for the finishing line, the race is lengthy if you don't have a Joystick you'll get tired very quickly. You'll then move onto Ski Jump, which is rather self explanatory the athlete will fly down the steep slope and your job is to jump as far as possible to achieve the highest score from the other competing athletes. Lastly you get to Bobsled, in this event your goal is to well, reach the goal to control the bobsled steer either left or right as the controls for this event are very touchy you'll find yourself starting again over and over again. This would have to be the most frustrating event of them all, but let's give it the benefit of the doubt and say it's the last event so it should be a challenge, it's just far to difficult for me though even with the keyboard. All in all, Winter Games is surely a challenging lengthy game. Or how I'd like to say it "Chilling games, in a frozen state"

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