Ski Stunt Simulator

Sport 2001 Windows Motion Playground Winter sports

2D but still a physics based sky sim

In Ski Stunt Simulator you can attempt a lot of tricks and jumps, all set in these minimalist 2D, sidescroller like setting (a bit on the flash game side of looks, and maybe a bit unappealing for those that find that art style not so appealing). However, while the game might trick you with the cute premise, it also makes use of really well polished physics that add a lot to the interactions. That is so because at any time you'll know how speed will influence your height, how the curvature of a slope will play out and so on. The game only had to simulate the fluffiness of the snow and it would have offered you everything needed to be just perfect. However, what's even more appealing is the classy, simple controls, that make playing and kinking into the experience a pure joy, with no mysteries and no issues to arise from it. So, that's it, if you'd like a physics based trick game, this is it. If you want more features and more content, see a Tony Hawk title, these have always been more feature rich but had something similar to these simple ski titles

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