Puzzle 1989 Dos Broderbund Design Tool

A text editor specialized in banner production

Released back in 1989 this application packed a good set of tools to aid you in the creation of text based banners, while also allowing you to include pictures to use as background. The application is relatively comprehensive, featuring over 20 font types, lots of ways to edit your banner and to produce different designs. However, even for its time the program was a bit limited and wasn't really well suited for commercial use, but, it did a good job of showcasing the many options of optimizing, producing and editing simple text banners. While there might not be any more use for a 1989 application like this one in 2013, if, say, you have a need for a DOS based banner production app, this might as well be it, just don't think that you're going to produce anything professional looking, commercially viable. Also don't expect the banner to be compatible with modern day text editors, so, unless you're going to print your banner on your dot matrix printer, you might as well just forget it. While there are options to select different fonts, to tilt text, to emboss, italicize and so on, the amount of options that you have available will never scale to the exact gradient you would want to. Still, given that this application was released back in 1989 and that it can run on a 286 IBM compatible, it goes to show that some software applications haven't changed quite so dramatically in the last 20 or so years.

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