Oldtime Baseball

Sport 1995 Windows Dosbox Stormfront Studios Baseball

For all baseball lovers

It is a classic simulation of baseball which is up there by all standards and gives a very good picture of the history of the game. Before coming to the gameplay features, consider the fact that the game lets you play some of the old geeks and the best players of the old times and also show their profiles and stats that they achieved. The graphics in the game are the best as compared to those times and the atmosphere and the stadiums that they have devised are very good simulations which have not been seen in other games on this genre. In terms of the gameplay. You can both play simple matches and can take part in seasonal leagues and international tournaments. The game physics in terms of the baseball action is great as it's quite realistic. It is not bread and butter to strike the ball because you have to be fair enough with your timing. The ball can be made to swing both sides and the speed variations are also good. The A1 is very competitive and does not allow you to win easily and can even beat you. My verdict for the game is a must try and the other game which I would really recommend is Epic baseball.

Baseball... and history...

Great game, so many players are available and the artwork of the old stadiums we have lost. As a boy growing up hearing stories of Ebbets Field, Shibe Park, Forbes Field, Sportsmans Park... I miss hearing Curt or Mel call a game and I love playing complete seasons. While the graphics can't compete with modern games, it's about the history not the graphics...

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