Three Dirty Dwarves

Sport 1996 Windows SEGA Baseball Unconventional

Help the Dwarves

Very nice fantasy game which is basically a side scrolling action and involves some sporting elements in the gameplay. The plot of Three Dirty Dwarves is that some genetically altered kids have opened a portal which has made way for the dwarves to enter our world and they are now on a mission to rescue the kids from the evil army. The portal has also made way from some bad guys to enter this world and you will now have to counter them on your way. This side scrolling action game involves some raw destruction and shooting sequences. You can control all the Dwarves one at a time and you can also control them in combination. The user interface in the game is very well defined and allows to easily bank in on a lot of options of the gameplay. You will also have some sporting good at your disposal which includes a baseball bat, bowling balls, shotgun and bowling pins. The graphics in the game are quite alluring and so are the fine controls that have been calibrated well in the gameplay. The game has a lot of variety in the level designs and the game is overall a lot of fun. You can also HyperBlade which is really addictive and diverse.

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