Spellcasting 301

Adventure 1992 Dos Dosbox Legend Entertainment Humorous Graphical IF Mature Content

A gaudy text based adventure with sorcerers and magic

This is the third game in a text based adventure game. You play as Ernie Eaglebeak, a student very much like Harry Potter, concerned with the craft and art of spell casting and the future of it would eventually provide as a wizard. But our Eaglebeak is no Harry, and he has to apply himself to progress his studies and to become masterful in the arts of the arcane. When not down with studying, the protagonist will find himself in a lot of unfortunate and challenging situations, where the magic learned to that point will need to be applied for the game to progress. So, without a question you will be faced with a lot of situations where you will need to think how to proceed, what's the best choice to make and so on. Although Spellcasting 301 introduced graphics and sound capabilities in the text adventure mix, the game will hardly be playable to an audience that no longer has the patience for adventure games. Make no mistake however, this is no Zork, you can pretty much do without this game, a fact that even the creator, Steve Meretzky seemed to understand, leading him to bring a bit of sex-appeal. Which, even if have little to do with the story might entice you to give the game a try.

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