Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear

Action 1999 Windows Red Storm Entertainment Shooter 3D action adventure Espionage

One of the first realistic tactics FPSes

The core of the game is a calculated special ops type first person shooting experience. You are going to be given your main and secondary objectives, infiltration, annihilation, defusing of an explosive device, rescue the civilians, etc, but at another level you are going to be expected to manage your team of brothers in arms as well. Therefore, the game will offer you a combination of on filed tactics, quite simple and robust, which have to do with the positioning of your team members, and the signaling of an attack, breach, cover fire and so on. On the other, you are going to play a stealthy game of shooting, making sure you expose yourself as little as possible while making every bullet count. The 3D engine of the game is pretty impressive, even by today's standards, and thus, you will not feel as if the game does not offer you enough in this department. With a good headphones set you are also going to get audio aid, by better localizing your enemies and thus making your every intervention much more streamlined and precise. Thus, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear, for a game this old remains extremely playable. If you love shooters with a simple tactical overlay, this will do a great job, and I genuinely recommend it.

Realism in FPS

I used to play this game with some friends I made at a local computer gaming center. Whenever we needed to take a break from the dungeons or high-octane shoot 'em ups, we'd consider loading up Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear. Any venture into the Tom Clancy series should be at the player's own risk. These games all try to infuse a sense of realism to the genre of first-person shooters. They have a realistic selection of firearms and equipment, as well as realistic damage. It never takes more than a few bullets to drop someone, as opposed to those afore mentioned high-octane shoot 'em ups like the Quake, Unreal, or Tribes series. In Rogue Spear, you win or lose based on team work. That can be a very limiting factor depending on the type of folk you're playing with. It seemed three out of five rounds someone would drop a fragmentation grenade immediately upon spawning and wipe out or critically injure most of the team. Just for kicks. It was funny, most of the time. But seriously, this is a game that takes shooting and teamwork seriously. So know what you're getting into before downloading.

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