System Shock 2

Action 1999 Windows Electronic Arts Shooter Science Fiction 3D action adventure Role playing Fpp Rpg Shooter action Sci fi

Pretty frightening

System Shock 2 is an action role-playing game released in 1999 by Electronic Arts, that was praised at that time for its terrifying atmosphere. I recommend this game for its high quality features and gameplay that simply knows how to keep you glued to the computer. The story begins with the main character that is woke up by a warning that announces his death. Creeped out, he seeks for a way out of this nightmare. He finds himself on a ship where all the people were killed or deformed by a horrifying infection. Without knowing it, you will feel the same as your character, scared and desperate as hell! Your first objective is to meet a woman that declares herself as the only survivor of the ship. From here, you will pass bloody corridors infested by monstruous creatures. The beginning of the action allows you to choose one of the three characters: Marine (has special combat skills), Navy Officer (specialized in hacking and repairing) and O.S.A. agent (accomplishes military services). Throughout the game, you will have to defend yoursef from hostile monsters and robots, obtain numerous items, unlock many locations. You have to focus on your survival tactics, instead of annihilating enemies. One of the most impressive elements remains the sound. The effects are based on the creepy and cold music, that is accompanied by the intense and frightening screams. If you like the adrenaline and also to be in a constant alarmed state, this game is the perfect choice!

Nice RPG elements

No matter how old this game is, it is still the best and creepiest rpg fps existing game. Your character will grow up during the game: as you collect special disks that are hidden through the game, you will be able to spend them in order to increase you stats, skills, weapon abilities and psy powers. These RPG elements make this game endless: even if you finish the game, you can) replay it a lot of times developing your character in many different ways. Gameplay is excellent. There is much more to do other than shooting in this game, and it is represented by the skills. The Ambientation is amazing. The thing that makes this game so scary, in my opinion, are not the monsters, or the diaries you find, or the ghosts you see... But the ammo constantly running low in your inventory.9 years ago, when I was just a kid, I often stopped to play this game because I was too scared to proceed...

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