Simulation 2005 Windows Paradox Interactive Organized Forces Politics Strategic scope

A digitized version of the board game of the same name

We tend to think of wargaming as a digital type of entertainment only, though, for sure, this kind of game originated on the brick and mortar technology of board games, where you controlled your units via digital manipulation of the pieces with your actual hands (!). Well, with this digital game you pretty much get the same RISK like type of gameplay: you take turns to move your units and then the adversary has his take on it. The winner is based on the one that managed to eradicate the units of the adversary first. At any rate Diplomacy takes the boardgame mechanics and the depth of play a step further, as it manages to include some economic simulation bits within the wargame, and frankly, the game can be quite hard, especially for novice players. But don't worry, you will be able to use the lessons learned in this game on the boardgame and in other modern wargames, high level tactics wargames, and for this reason alone it is worth it. Graphically Diplomacy is a modern game, it looks sharp, clear, the menus and interactivity is as sharp and as easy as you can expect. Great for fussy, modern players that can't really handle the real late 80s wargames!

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