Simulation 1999 Windows Politics Strategic scope

Good TBS, RISK like, but deeper

The premise of this game sure is worth a double take. The world has grown into a nuclear wielding set of countries, and a possible world war, with annihilation as a probability for the entire mankind is almost on the brink of possibility. Therefore, if you want the world to have a chance at surviving, or at least your country, you are going to use your entire skill set, to play the game as good as possible. The first impression that the game leaves is that it is a hyper qualified game of RISK. However, deeper within, hid in its interface, you also have access to an economical side which deepens the simulation. Graphically, the game is 2D, good looking tabletop, with nice, relatively sharp graphics. The map shows you pretty clearly the information you need to know, with distinctly drawn units and other such elements. Thus, the game might end up feeling like a RISK session, a bit too long and extensive. However, you have to consider a few other aspects as well. There is diplomacy, as there is espionage, and thus, you are never offered the simplest recipe out there, thus making the game relatively diverse. However, you'll enjoy it only if you love TBS games sufficiently; otherwise its mathematical, calculated narrative of numbers and strategies won't draw you, or keep you in.

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