Police Quest: SWAT

Simulation 1995 Dos Sierra On-Line Organized Forces Strategic scope Military Action Strategy

SWAT operations delivered in simulation, strategy and tactics

While the regular Police Quest series was more of a classic adventure game series, this SWAT miniseries is definitely more of a strategic bundle, offering you top down tactics play, simulation of other day to day SWAT operations and also, a lot of other minigame type deals, all in the spirit of engulfing you in the day to day operations of a SWAT team. Sure enough, this is no Rainbow Six shooter experience, but, for what it is, it sure has a lot to offer. Yeah, some might not like that the game is broken down in all these minigame portions, but others might enjoy the variety. Also, the game has training bits, marksmanship bits, and also many missions that were directly inspired by the activity of a SWAT team. The second game in the series will bring the game closer to realism, though, again, in the same minigame based fashion, which might be the make or break of the series. So, if you can stomach such a gameplay, go ahead, try it, it's not going to disappoint, otherwise a Rainbow Six shooter will do the job much better.

The First SWAT Game

Police Quest: SWAT is both the fifth game in the Police Quest series and the first in the SWAT series. Developed by Sierra On-Line, the game started to stray away from the more familiar adventure style of gameplay and instead became a SWAT simulator game. While it's nice that Sierra wanted to try something new, I still feel that Police Quest shouldn't have been part of the title, because there is no more quest here, just pure simulation. Even though it simulates the SWAT situation pretty well, the FMV(full motion video) sections seemed unnecessary, for gamers that play it for the first time might think that is another action-adventure game that uses FMV. The gameplay is rather good, but without doing the "tutorial" levels, you might have a bit of problem trying to find out how to play the game (unless you own the instruction manual).

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