Supreme Ruler 2010

Simulation 2005 Windows Akella Politics Strategic scope Strategy Real time Modern

Take over the world

With a name like this, you'd expect a pretty in-depth strategy game and here you would be absolutely right. It's a good bet if you're into fairly serious tactical gaming but it might be a little dry for some, so consider this before taking a look. The player starts out by choosing one of several real-world locations to govern and it's their job to get them out of a global depression through a cunning combination of politics, economics, diplomacy and of course war. As the ruler, you have access to a number of detailed options for improving your fortunes and must make some pretty serious decisions regarding the needs and will of your people, the direction of scientific research and your armies. In terms of foreign relations, you can choose to buddy up with some countries, trading goods, research or military resources or you can go to war with them. However, you have to be careful of your international appearance as you might not get aid when you need it if you go around invading everyone. If you are into very serious and complex strategy games, then this, and its sequel Supreme Ruler 2020, are pretty decent bets. There's an impressive amount of detail on offer here and it really is very easy to lost in all the complexities of political decision making. There's a lot of replay value too, as you can simply choose another nation to control and then try a different approach to your strategy so this one will keep you going for some time. Visually, it's nothing special, although in terms of map details, it's pretty impressive. There are a few faults, such as the overall dryness but on the whole this is is absorbing stuff.

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