Inside Trader

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Be an inside trader and try not to get caught! The pressure!

It might look that the work and the tribulations of stock market traders can be a bit boring, but, for some of them, it is as much a fight of cats and dogs, trying to avoid being discovered as inside traders! What is an inside trader? Well, he or she must have information that would normally be classified and unusable for anyone that is looking to trade. That is because you would be aware of certain trends and certain options that the market is about to embark on, which will simply give you an edge over the competition. To get these information tidbits you need information, but you also need to operate really nicely, so as to avoid being detected. At any rate, this game does a good enough job at simulating the misadventures of an inside trader, always looking to profit from the market for his/her own financial gain and always looking to get to the next tip, without being caught by the police. An exciting game for those that have a love for numerical simulations. Another nice game about the stock, yet without the law transgressing portion is Stock Market The Game for those that want to approach the stock market legally!

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Inside Trader is a fun game because of the many options available. You can sometimes get away with murder, by cooperating, or short selling before the SEC fines you. Also, Jesus may come down and declare all stock investors evil, and wipe out your savings. I highly recommend this computer game. I've been playing it for years.

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