Black Monday

Simulation 1987 Dos Keypunch Trade or management Business Politics

10 turns max to be the richest!

This game plays in 10 round based sessions, and what you'll be attempting to do is be the best stock market trader around. However, as time is of the essence, in this game you get 10 market-opened to market-closed sessions. Given that the game was released a good while ago, related to some high cost/high margin (and high risk!) transactions that have been wielded about, this game is pretty tame, with hundreds of thousands of dollars trades being quite high! But, for what it is, a sort of trading competition, it creates a great balance between exploiting the numbers in your favor and also, trying to predict how some stocks will do based on other math calculations. It's a simplified version of a real trade environment, sure, but that works in its own favor, and within those limitations it does great. So, overall, Black Monday is great for speed trading players, and I have to say, it's palatable graphically, if not something to be enthralled by. Similarly, download Business Simulator for some more engaging and less exploitative ways to make some virtual dough!

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