Discoveries of The Deep

Puzzle 1993 Dos Capstone Education

Explore the depths of the oceans

In Discoveries of The Deep you will set on a journey to visit the deepest spaces on Earth, places that are actually real, that have been known to humanity for their depth and strangeness, as well as exorbitant pressures. Thus, you have the Marina Trench that you can visit, you have the Romanche Gap and a few other places. The game is also realistic in terms of the technology you need to use to get to these exhilarating depths. You will be piloting a submersible, wich, while small, is however pretty hefty. Now, this game was released in 93, so don't go expecting HD and beautiful 3D graphics. It's a 2D game, that will remind you more of an adventure game than an exploration or simulation game. Also, while I understand that a small submersible is no feature of easy control, in the game the controls are pretty chaotically mapped and so it takes a while to get used to it. Making this a game is the fact that you have goals, for each submersion, but the pixelated nature of objects in the depth of the sea makes it hard at times to complete your objectives. A better game to download would be Odell: Down Under, also edutainment like, with submersibles, but much easier to play.

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